Mind is incharge not the body

Mind is incharge not the body

Mind is incharge not the body

Did ? u know that the king of all fruits is Mango

It....is a sweet way

To lower cholesterol
To improve your digestion
To lose weight
To improve your eyes, brain & skin, hair and you can even use it as a face wash !
To boost your immunity and
To makes your bones stronger

If you have a sweet tooth and get sugar cravings then just eat some fresh cut fruits ... u could even eat a few mangoes your diabetes can still stay under control ..

Do u want to know the other Magical benefits of mango !

Did ? u know that mangoes are well know for it’s medical properties even if they are ripe or unripe!

Do ? u wanna know all the possible health benifits of mangoes

Do ? u wanna know the different varieties & availability of mangoes

Do ? u wanna know what’s the nutrition in the mangoes

Do ? u wanna know the reasons why u should eat more mangoes

Do ? u know that it can help to prevent cancer

Do? u wanna know some innovative ways to drink mangoes and make smoothies

Where mangoes can help in weight loss .. mangoes can also be helpful in gaining weight if u drink warm milk soon after eating your mangoes!

Did u ? know the relationship of mangoes and make fertility!

Well take a look at this post of mine and if you get to know your mangoes well enough then do share this post with others and let everyone else know as well

It’s summer it’s seasonal so don’t forget to eat your mangoes ..

Do think about it !

Still it’s entirely up to you to how kind u wanna be to yourself and your body and give it some mangoes !

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